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Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the most important for any business all the time, especially in this unprecedented time. Business continuity means our businesses should run securely without any distractions in any circumstances. An efficient IT System has become the necessity and the backbone of any business to grow at the right place.

Productivity Applications

Productivity applications can be called the essential need of any business or office. Modern age collaborating work culture is now only possible with these applications or app suits.

Business Applications

Accelerate digital innovation by securely automating processes. Run simple with the best in cloud, provide analytics, mobile ready and performs various useful business functions.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital tech platforms (include social platforms) to promote multiple products and services.

Cloud Solutions

Discover a faster, cost efficient & more secure journey to cloud, trusted by thousands of businesses. Secure Cloud Journey with Advanced Data & AI Tools. Full-Stack Cloud Platform.

Infrastructure Solutions

Explore a wide range of IT hardware components, all from a single source. We have Skilled Technicians. 365 days customer support. Quick, reliable delivery. Expert consultation.

Managed Services

Outsource the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating your need for all range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses with Managed Services.

Workforce Productivity

Productivity is the key to Profitability. Time has changed hence you must be educated to get the best use of your softwares or applications.

Workforce Productivity is measured by the level of efficiency of the employees at the workplace, using Advance, Secure, Reliable & Authentic Office Applications for Content Creation (like Documents, Images, Presentations, Spreadsheets, PDF, Notes, Audio, Video, etc), Seamless Collaboration and Fast & Secure Communication.

Key Points for Workforce Productivity are:

  1. Selection of right Office Applications & Tools
  2. Employee Training to use those Applications and Tools

Workforce Tracking

Workforce Tracking is a unique solution that combines features of employee security, and work force productivity together into one comprehensive easy to use product. This improves staff productivity and customer service through real-time tracking of your sales-force, field workers, delivery workers, etc.

Modern Business Apps

A modern business is that which use the latest in technology on their benefit, in order to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Committed deeply to delivering individual, social and environmental value. That is tightly aligning with the creation of economic value for its stakeholders.

Training Services

We have our onboard Trainers to provide Online Professional Training to enhance the productivity of the workforce on below subjects –

Ready Training Module 1 – Collaborating Documents using MS Word / Google Apps.

Ready Training Module 2 – Effective use of MS Excel / Google Sheets and Collaboration working.

Ready Training Module 3 – How to create effective and modern Presentations using multiple tools.

Ready Training Module 4 – How to write an effective Email and stay in touch with your customers by Automating your mailbox.

Ready Training Module 5 – Effective use of Collaboration & Communication Office Tools (Chat & Meeting Apps, Example- Microsoft Teams and Google Meet)

Ready Training Module 6 – Using a CRM tool to increase the productivity and automate your Business.

Ready Training Module 7 – Need of ERP (& GST Billing) System in your business and best practices.

Ready Training Module 8 – Effective use of HRMS Apps and Tools to get more productivity from staff.

Custom Training Modules – On Demand custom training modules suitable for your business

New Services

Operational Efficiency & Security

Operational Efficiency is measured by Business Process Automation, Information Integrity, Data Safety & Security.

Adoption of Right Automation Software for Process Standardization, Integration, Control & to Eliminate Duplication of Work in Core Business Operations like Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, Purchase, Inventory, Costing & Warehouse, etc. Information Integrity is necessary for the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of the Information content, Processes, and Systems. Information Integrity is very important for Management for Decision Making and Forecasting for continual Business Growth.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics, Forecasting & Insights:
Business Analytics is the process by which businesses use statistical methods and technologies for analyzing historical data in order to gain new insight and improve strategic decision-making. Data is the heart of business analytics. Forecasting is the act of analyzing and mining data in order to predict what will happen in the future. Forecasting is typically accomplished using a BI applications. Forecasting can provide essential data to any business, no matter the industry.

Enterprise Security (EMS)

Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite (Microsoft EMS) is a set of tools that are deeply integrated to provide you with all you need to administer, provision and secure the devices that are used in your enterprise. It provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) etc. Basically EMS combines Azure Active Directory, Rights Management, Microsoft Intune, and Advanced Threat Analytics tools together.

Tools for Operational Efficiency

Technology plays an important role in creating lean and efficient processes. It can help you reduce or eliminate duplications and delays in the workflow, as well as help you speed up by automating specific tasks.
1. Inventory management - Improve your fulfilment efficiency & Optimize your stock levels.
2. Project management - Keep track of your progress.
3. Technology to discover efficiencies, increasing revenue and creating a competitive advantage.

Proven approaches to increase operational efficiency
1- Integrating workflows and reducing manual processes.
2- Increasing efficiency by connecting business systems.
3- Streamlining processes help make better decisions (Analytics).
4- Process improvements turn growth into profit.

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